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Termogamma group is specialized in producing customized energy efficiency solutions, both for industrial processes in various sectors and for the world of the tertiary sector for space heating and air conditioning.

Our integrated technologies are based on the following principles: cogeneration, trigeneration, free-cooling, heat recovery and use of biomass waste.

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At Termogamma, we believe that companies can do something concrete to help our planet. One of the solutions is to adopt an energy system that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Thanks to our experience, we can provide you with tailor-made energy solutions with low environmental impact (low in CO2 and climate-altering gases) that allow you to control costs and better manage the operation of your business.

We avoided more than 200.000 tons of greenhouse gases

Equivalent to emissions of about 42.000 cars

Or emissions absorbed by about 94.000 hectares of forest in a year

The 8 Phases

How we work with the Customer

1. Analysis

Our engineers listen to your energy needs, collect data, and analyse the project’s feasibility drafting a preliminary study.

2. Design

After discussing the preliminary study with the design department, the engineers and the design department will develop the plant study.

3. Authorizations

A team of qualified professionals will follow the authorization procedures of electrical connection, electrical workshop, Terna, and CAR requests to the GSE.

4. Construction

After signing the contract, our technicians start to build the plant according to your needs to offer you a tailored Made-In-Italy solution for your production process.

5. Installation

Our technicians will install and test your solution directly in the field to minimize the risk of interruptions and failures.

6. Maintenance

Our experts will support you remotely from day zero through our control software. They will manage the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to offer you the best service.

7. Management

Our team of professionals will follow you to verify the energy and economic returns in operation and to obtain and market the White Certificates (TEE-CAR)

8. Revamping

Our technicians will be able to give a new life to your cogenerator that has reached the end of its hours of use, picking, optimizing, and updating the performance of your solution.


Energy management

With our Energy Management service, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore. We will manage the sale of white certificates and the management of bureaucratic paperwork regarding the operation of your cogenerator.


Revamping is a technique that extends a plant's useful life. Termogamma has the necessary skills to update and improve the performance of your cogenerator extending the useful life by even 10 years.


Some satisfied customers

Video interview with Giovanni Cavalieri at the Sky Business24 studios.