Termogamma, your trusted partner

At Termogamma we believe in a lasting relationship with the customer, and we know how important it is to focus on your core business.

For this reason we offer the customer a full-service solution that follows the customer from the management of bureaucracy to the maintenance and repair of our systems, to their regeneration (revamping).

Not only do we design and build our solutions, but we follow them, in close contact with the customer, throughout their lives.

Our technicians are highly specialized and able to offer assistance in all phases of our plants’ life cycle.

"Maintenance is part of our DNA and will always be fundamental in every project we undertake".
Giovanni Cavalieri
Founder and President of the Termogamma Group


Good care of a plant can be decisive in determining the constant functioning of the energy solution and consequently an economic return aligned with the initial forecasts.

Why the Termogamma Service?

Preventive testing before each installation

We have invested in building a space inside our facility to certify and test each solution before it leaves the factory.

In this way, our technicians can ensure that the solution works exactly as planned without delaying or lengthening the installation and installation time.

We leave nothing to chance!


The service division will directly follow the installation part ensuring the correct connection of the system to the users present in the company.

We’ll take care of everything!

Remote monitoring 24/7

Thanks to our monitoring software, developed by Termogamma technicians, we can monitor the correct functioning of our solutions and make changes remotely.

We have 24/7 active security and alarm systems and specialized technicians who constantly monitor the performance of the engine and all components.

With us, you can feel comfortable!

Predictive maintenance

Whether ordinary or extraordinary, thanks to our monitoring system and our team of technicians, we are able to offer a predictive, fast and targeted service.

Our operations, both remote and on-site, aim to minimize downtime, failures and field exits.

Efficiency is the key word!

Full service maintenance

The full service maintenance service aims to never leave the customer alone.

Therefore, our interventions extend throughout the life of the plant.

Our mission remains to enable you to continue your business in a more sustainable and thoughtless way.

We’ll take care of the plant!

Original spare parts

Thanks to our direct contacts with manufacturers we ensure the supply and replacement of every possible piece with original spare parts.

Only the best for our customers!

Energy Management

Thanks to our specialized staff, we can offer complete management of the procedures to present and collect energy data necessary for the collection of government incentives.

The management of the energy documents of the plant by Termogamma has a double advantage:


Our engineers are always in communication with the service division that controls the system settings thus ensuring maximum efficiency in the management of white certificates.


The authorization procedures and the bureaucratic procedures are followed directly by the Termogamma staff, so that you can concentrate 100% on your core business and leave this work to technicians with years of experience.


The engines will need to undergo a major overhaul.

Thanks to our specialized technicians and our testing room we can carry out the necessary checks, replace the worn parts and give new life to your cogenerator.

We will take care of everything from downtime and transport at our company, to reinstallation and commissioning.