If there was a way to pollute less and save more, would you want to know how?

We at Termogamma know how to help you!

Termogamma is your partner for a green business.

Cogeneration is a sustainable solution both environmentally and economically. 

Thanks to our experience we can provide you with energy solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions and costs in your company’s bills

By producing your energy at home, you will be able to control the environmental impact of your production process and manage the operation of your plants. 

If you rely on the grid you do not always know how the energy you consume is produced. 

With a cogenerator, YES! 

By installing a cogeneration plant you will be able not only to control YOUR energy, but to produce it inside your plant.


Reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases is key to ensuring the ecological transition and achieving the 2030 Agenda targets

Thanks to our experience we can equip you with energy solutions with low impact on CO2 and greenhouse gases that will allow you to control costs and better manage the operation of your activities sustainably, aligning with the directives for the ecological transition


Having efficient energy management is crucial if you want to keep production costs down and use clean energy

Implementing a cogenerator means having control over the energy you are using. This is essential if production and service costs are to be kept down and if we are to ensure proper alignment with the directives for the energy transition.