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Our solutions use the most innovative technologies in the field of energy efficiency and energy production.

Termogamma with passion and ingenuity integrates these technologies intelligently and efficiently, always looking for the most suitable and effective solution for the customer.


We offer eco-friendly and tailor-made systems to produce high-performance electricity, heat and cooling for industries and large administrative/residential buildings.

Termogamma assists its customers in all stages of the process, from consumption analysis, sizing, design and construction, up to the installation and maintenance of the system, characterized by turnkey supplies, installation speed, Remote real-time monitoring system, long warranty and safe maintenance.

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The benefits of cogeneration explained by our CEO

Cogeneration & Trigeneration

REC+ (Recovery Energy Cycle) is an energy system designed to drastically cut the energy costs of medium and large energy users, operating all year round and consuming both electricity and thermal/ refrigeration. It is a compact system that can be installed outdoors or indoors. It is based on the principles of cogeneration and trigeneration, in other words, simultaneously provides two or more types of energy. Its heart is an internal combustion engine that can be powered by different types of fuel, mainly natural gas, but other possibilities are diesel, LPG, biogas and biomethane, depending on availability. In addition to reducing energy costs, REC+ ensures a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions and greater energy independence.





Biomass / Biogas


Thermal Recovery

The Thermal Recovery system is a technology capable of capturing unused thermal energy (thermal waste), making it available and useful where it is needed and according to the required parameters. This dispersed energy can then be reused practically free of charge and be transformed into another form of energy such as hot water, steam or cold water. These heat recovery systems offer multiple benefits, such as lowering energy costs, saving on primary energy, dwindling environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Industrial Processes




Production of Biodiesel

BIODIESEL BPS™ (Biodiesel Production System) is a compact system that transforms vegetable oil into biodiesel.

It is a containerized plant (PLUG & PLAY) that integrates all the necessary equipment for the process.

Our solution can also include peripheral thermo-refrigeration systems. The high efficiency of the system is achieved thanks to an “ad-hoc” design and installation.

It is also available the option to employ used vegetable oil, the so-called UCO (Used Cooking Oil).



High-Temperature Heat Pump

HiT™ is a high-efficiency electric heat pump that achieves maximum performance where other heat pumps stop.

It is characterized by low consumption of electricity and can provide hot water with temperatures above 70 ºC.

It is suitable for heating large buildings and industries and can also supply cooling and air conditioning, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Heat pump


Other solutions

Prefabricated technology plants


CTP™ are integrated solutions, designed to save or optimize internal space, useful for almost all equipment and systems.

The CTP™ system can be installed anywhere and used for a wide range of purposes.

It can be designed for example as a fully integrated boiler room, a chiller room, a transformer room, a water pumping station or even a firefighting station.

All accessories and components of the system are designed, installed and connected inside a special container (outdoor installation) or on skids with or without panels (indoor installation), and are thoroughly tested in our factories.

These integrated solutions are suitable for any building that needs heating, cooling, electricity, pumping stations or others.

Free Cooling Chiller Plant


Industrial-Cooling-Efficiency (ICE) is an industrial cooling system (FCCP) for cold and mild climates, compact and highly efficient.

It substantially curbs cooling energy costs in manufacturing and data centers, where cooling is needed throughout the year.

Based on the principle of free cooling, the supervision system automatically deactivates the consumption of electricity when the external temperature reaches a predefined level.

For industries in mild and cold climate areas, the system can provide this energy free of charge even over 6 months a year.

It is a smart alternative to traditional chillers.