Trigeneration in the plastic sector

Because a trigeneration plant is suitable for companies that process plastics.

The world of the plastic industry is varied and multiform in terms of the type of processing carried out in it, and, in all cases, these see weigh decisively the annual energy bills, which include large consumption of electricity and large uses of refrigeration.

In the face of margins usually reduced for companies included in this sector, the issue of respect for the environment and the need to find new forms of savings is becoming increasingly topical.

For these reasons, briefly summarized above, the article will propose the use of trigeneration technology in the plastic sector and the reason why trigeneration plants are optimally adapted to the industrial processes of this sector.

Industrial processes:

The industrial processes in the plastic sector, as mentioned above, are many, we will limit ourselves here to considering the most common ones such as extrusion and printing of plastics.

As for the first, it is usually required a significant energy input in electrical terms, since these machines need to heat the plastic material through electrical resistances (but not only) asking the system for a sufficient amount of energy to bring the material to the melting temperature.

Following this phase, molding takes place with the appropriate tools, which, unlike the first, need low temperatures to cool the material and direct the plastic object towards the end of the process.

The temperatures required for the molding stage can vary from 10 to 15 degrees centigrade as a rule.

Pre-existing traditional plants:

If these industries do not use new generation plants and have not embraced a Green policy, now necessary to remain attractive in the global market (words of Larry Fink, to deepen activity:6764573632271290368 ) draw electricity from the national grid and thanks to the use of electric chillers and free-cooling systems fulfill the refrigeration requirements of the systems.

Free-cooling systems, usually oversized and invasive in terms of space, in the summer cannot cope with the required temperatures and entrust the task of satisfying the users of the cooling circuits to the expensive chillers powered by electricity.

Solution of Trigeneration: Trigeneration

Termogamma for this type of companies offers a trigeneration system that thanks to the combined production of electricity and thermal energy, transformed into a refrigerator thanks to the absorbers, fills the energy demand of the infrastructure, ensuring a better environmental impact and significant savings.

If you want to know more about how trigeneration plants and trigeneration in general work, I suggest you read our dedicated article ( insert a link to another article ).

Thanks to the continuity of the industrial processes characteristic of these companies, trigeneration can make the most of all its potential and transform the trigeneration plant into the most suitable and effective solution in terms of economic savings for this sector.

The production of cooling energy is also always assured at a certain temperature throughout the year and being able to reach temperatures that are around 7 degrees Celsius, ensures the proper functioning of the cooling of the molds, working in synergy, at peak times of energy demand, with existing systems.

Termogamma that for 35 years has been in the energy sector accompanies the customer in all stages, never leaving him alone, and taking care of all the management issues of the trigeneration plant even after the careful phase of pre-planning analysis and sales, thanks to its maintenance service that lasts the lifetime of the trigeneration solution.

Here you can hear the testimony of one of our customers who installed a trigeneration system with Termogamma.

Why then Termogamma?

Because Termogamma is a true tailor of energy solutions, a company that puts forward people and the care of the empathic aspect of every relationship to the mere sale. In 35 years of development it has always highlighted and tried to develop to a greater extent the phases that distinguish it from other players in the industry, such as listening to the real needs of the customer, total flexibility on the solutions offered and maintenance service designed to generate long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Due to the company’s size Termogamma can truly follow the customer through his doubts, offering in conclusion a unique solution and designed specifically for his company.

Termogamma takes care of every aspect and stage of the journey that a customer takes after the desire to embrace a green policy,. It therefore ranges from the genesis of the idea of installing a trigeneration plant to the treatment of the latter until the death of the trigenerative solution.


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